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Concierge Unpacking Services 

Concierge Unpacking Services

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Moving Soon?

Have a tight deadline?

Need some extra help packing?

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Add in full-time jobs, kids, and pets, and you've got yourself a huge headache. That's why we'll gladly pack your belongings and your worries!! We provide all packing materials and carefully wrap and pack your household goods! We create an itemized list of all the boxes we pack so you know where EVERYTHING is once you unpack. We guarantee the quality of your experience by using only trained professionals and the right tools for the job! We are licensed and insured for your protection. 

Moving Soon?

Are you downsizing?

Need some extra help to unpack?

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Add in full-time jobs, kids, and pets, and you've got yourself a huge headache. 

Here comes Enhance Your Home, LLC to the rescue!

We open all your boxes, unwrap your household goods, unpack all your boxes and put everything away! We can put shelf paper on your kitchen shelves before we put away your dishes, silverware, glasses, and bake ware. We'll hang your clothes in the appropriate closets. The linens will be neatly placed in the linen closet. Even the items that belong in the garage, like the lawn mower, or a shovel, will be unpacked and put in the garage.  We even remove all the packing materials and empty boxes!

What our customers say ...

"Very satisfied. We were moving, but due to a tight deadline, we needed some extra help to get our packing done. The Enhance Your Home crew did a great job. Very professional.  They worked quickly and efficiently. They communicated well and listened to my concerns while packing our things. Gayle was a pleasure to talk to during the initial contact. I felt that everything was on the up-and-up, and there were no unexpected charges or anything like that. They really helped to take a lot of the stress off our shoulders. I would definitely recommend Enhance Your Home."

-Greg S. | Professional Opera Singer

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