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Concierge Unpacking Services 

Concierge Unpacking Services

Just moved to Vegas?

Downsized from a condo?

Is there just no time to unpack??

Once upon a time ...

A lovely family, with a lovely Mom, a handsome Dad, and two great kids, moved to Las Vegas.  Mom is very excited because she's starting a great new job. Dad is very happy, because he transferred here to a new office, and got a big promotion. The kids can't wait to make new friends and to start school in the fall.  So everyone seems to be happy, and everything is falling into place.  But wait!  What's wrong with this picture? 


So they called Enhance Your Home, LLC at 702-956-3838.

We come to your new house, condo, or apartment, while you go off to work or the gym, or school without a care in the world, because we're licensed and insured!  

We'll OPEN all your boxes, UNWRAP all your household goods, UNPACK all your boxes and, put everything away!  We will DISCARD all the packing materials and empty boxes too.  And, the best part is, that you don't have to lift a finger! What a concept!  

We can put shelf paper on your kitchen shelves before we put away your dishes, silverware, glasses, cookware and bake ware. We'll put everything away, right where you want it. We'll hang your clothes in the appropriate closets. The linens will be neatly placed in the linen closet. Even the items that belong in the garage, like the lawn mower, or a shovel, will be unpacked and put in their place. 

A place for everything and everything in it's place! 

That's right, you come home from a hard day at work and all the boxes will be emptied & removed, and all your belongings will be put in their place.

So, give yourself that fairy tale happy ending, and give us a call at


"Just say yes, and we do the rest"!

What our customers say ...

"We recently moved to a new house here in Vegas.  I had to go right back to work, so all our extra things got dumped into the garage.  Boxes, plastic containers, all in a pile, I could barely get the car in.  It was driving me crazy, but I just had no time, so I called Enhance Your Home. They came, unpacked, and organized everything. They did an amazing job.  They put everything away, in all the right places! Thanks Enhance Your Home!"

- Susan B. | Homeowner & Business Professional

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