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       This option includes:

        1.  Initial Consultation & Staging Presentation

        2.  Home Walk-thru / Talk-Thru with Seller

        3.  Tell Seller what needs to be done to Stage the house

        4.  Seller takes notes

        5.  EYH will Email Summary Report to Seller

        6.  Summary Report includes Hands-on Staging Options


The cost of this option is based on the parameters of the project

      This option includes:

       1. Initial Consultation & Staging Presentation

       2. Decluttering

       3. Depersonalizing 

       4. Décor Touch-Up Suggestions

       5. Moving and / or Removing excess furniture

       6. Project Coordination – storage, movers, painters, etc.

       7. Personal Shopping – Comforters, pillows, floral arrangements, etc.

       8. Vacant Properties; Furniture Rental, Delivery, Placement & Removal



What is Home S​taging?

Staging is a service that creates immediate interest in every Buyer that sees your home.  It really works!  Whether Buyers see your house on the internet, in a photo or in-person.  Our process of Staging Enhances Your Home, so it sells faster & for more money.

You can choose from several options.  The first option is the WALK-THROUGH OPTION.  With this Option we come to your house, do an Initial Consultation & Staging Presentation, and a walk-through of your property.  All the while describing to you the "recommendations", to "Stage" your house yourself.  We even email you a copy of the "DIY Recommendations".  We also include the "​Hands-On" Staging Options and Pricing.

The second option is the HANDS-ON STAGING OPTION.  1. Initial Consultation, 2.Decluttering, Depersonalizing making the house appeal to the widest range of buyers, 3. Moving Furniture to maximize square footage and to showcase the natural assets of the house, and 4. Removing excess furniture.  The following Items are Optional:  1. Décor Touch-Ups - i.e. painting, rearranging accessories within the house or adding accessories, 2. Project Coordination – Refer & coordinate with contractors, realtors, storage units, movers, etc, and 3. Personal Shopping – save client time, we will use our expertise to shop for accessories such as;  comforter sets, pillows, floral arrangements, or throws.

4. Furniture Rental - selection and placement.

At Enhance Your Home, LLC, we transform your "Home" into a "House for Sale", by tweaking the three "D's" = Declutter, Depersonalize, Décor Touch-ups.

Unlike some Staging Companies, our process includes; "Hands-On" Decluttering, and Depersonalizing, which means we go through your house and remove all excess items, and personal items.  Then we wrap, pack and store them in your garage or if need be, we can find you an off-site storage unit.  This gives you a head start in moving to your new home and will really help make your house look great.  Properly Decluttering your house will maximize the perceived square footage of your home and make it look, feel and seem larger. Depersonalizing your home will make it appeal to a wider range of buyers by showing-off the best assets of the house. We also offer suggestions about Décor Touch-ups. Things like a quick coat of paint, a new sink, faucet or a new patch of tile, can make a big difference to buyers.

And, last but not least, Staging can help you Enhance your curbside appeal.  If you're "Curb Appeal" is appealing, Buyers' will fall in love with your house, at first glance! 

1)  Staging for Occupied Homes, includes:

     Hands-on Decluttering, Hands-on Depersonalizing,

     Hands-on wrapping & packing, and Décor Recommendations.

2)  Staging for Vacant Properties, includes:

      Selection, delivery & placement of rental furniture

      and accessories.

3)  Recommendations for:  Movers, House Cleaners, Carpet

      Cleaners, Painters, Remodelers, etc.


​Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your home.  They want to envision their TV perched above your fireplace mantel.  They want to envision their family photos on the walls.  Unfortunately, the sight of your personal items, and personal family photos, make it almost impossible for buyers to do this ... without Staging.  So, the first step we take is to Declutter your home.  We begin by removing excess items; like creative collectibles, excess furniture, abstract artwork, and family photos.  But not to worry, we wrap them carefully. Pack them in boxes and store them safely away.  They can be stored in your garage, at a storage unit or perhaps with a moving company.  That way they'll be ready for you to enjoy at your new home.

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The next thing we do to help buyers to envision themselves living in the house, is to Depersonalize, which is the second step.  Removing all your personal photos, and family items will allow us show-off the best assets of the house.  Again, not to worry, we will carefully wrap, pack and store these items too.  They can be stored in your garage, at a storage unit or perhaps with a moving company.  And, these items will be ready for you to enjoy at your new home, too.

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Décor Touch-Ups

Buyers want to move into their new house, and begin living, without making lots of repairs or changes.  Which is why Enhance Your Home makes suggestions to update your Décor.   The National Associations of Realtors states that making moderately priced investments to update your home is smart .  It really helps sell your house and gives you a great return on your money.  You may want to update your countertops, flooring, sink, faucet or maybe a fresh coat of paint.  Remember, an updated house will sell faster and for more money!

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1.  A Staged Home will look better than homes that are

      not Staged.

2.  A Staged Home is recognized by Realtors© as

      properties "Ready to sell."

3.  More buyers want to see Staged Homes. This

      increases your visibility and number of showings. This

      will also increase the chances of selling your house

      faster and for more money.

4.  Realtors will be more likely to show a Staged home to

      potential buyers.

5. Buyers, Realtors, Property Inspectors and Appraisers,

     view Staged Homes as "well cared for".

6.   Appraisers are more likely to appraise a Staged

       Home, at full value, or at a higher value then an non-

       Staged House.

7.   Offers made on Staged Homes are generally higher,

       than on an non-Staged Home.

8.   Staged Homes make Buyers feel more confident in

       their buying decision, because Staged Homes are

       "Ready to Move into!"

9.   Potential buyers are immediately impressed with

       Staged Homes, creating eager buyers.

10. Staged Homes show beautifully, every time you walk

        through the door.

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Home Staging is a great way to sell your house, FASTER and for MORE MONEY! At Enhance Your Home, LLC, (now serving the Las Vegas, NV area), we work with home owners directly or REALTORS® to ensure that every home is "Showcase Ready" for your open house, and every time a buyer walks through your door!


To insure that you are satisfied with our services, we have an established process.  First, we visit with the homeowners at their home.  At this meeting we discuss their needs and concerns.  We share a PowerPoint presentation that gives information about our company and the Staging Industry.

Next, we take a tour of the house, by walking from room to room, with the Owners. We take photos and notes, and begin to establish the complete scope of the project.

Before the end this first appointment, we set the second appointment, (to be held within the next 2-3 days).  After our first appointment with the Owners, we return to our office, to review our notes and the photos. We then determine exactly what needs to be done in each

 room and create the Client's individual Staging Report, which includes 1) Photos of each room, 2) Notes, 3) A list of recommendations, and 4) Options for the Client. 

These options and the report are then reviewed at the second appointment with the Owners.  Your Staging Options include: 1) The Report Only, 2) Package A or,

3) Package B, (details will be discussed at the appointment).  At this time the Owner can select which option is best for them, their family, and their budget, sign the agreement, make an initial payment, and then we can Schedule the project.

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