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Meet  Gayle Novak,

"The Residential Illusionist"

she works magic in your home!

Two words describe Gayle Novak, "Energy & Passion".  She is very passionate about Staging,

which translates into making each home look "Showcase" ready, quickly and efficently.  But

Gayle didn't begin her career in Staging.  At 18 she worked as a secretary, at a manufacturing company in Ilinois.  At 21, she moved to Los Angeles, got her education and worked her way up in companies like Westinghouse, HBO, Time-Life, and CBS Television.   Her career included working in network and cable television, radio, nationally & internationally.  She began working in the Home Staging industry in 2007, when she founded Enhance Your Home, LLC, in San Antonio, TX.  Later that year, she relocated to the North Suburbs of Chicago, IL, where, in a short period of time, she gained a reputation for amazing results.  Gayle is currently operating in Las Vegas, NV.

Even though Gayle already had a BS and an MBA (Business Administration & Marketing), she wanted insure she had the best education and background for this burgeoning new industry by becoming Certified in Staging (CSS), and Redesign (CRS).  Gayle also holds a certification in Event Management (CEM), as well.  This extensive education, and years of experience, enable Gayle to bring the highest level of excellence to every project.

At Enhance Your Home, each client is cared for, like they're family.  Which means we listen carefully and take the time to understand your needs, before we start on your project.

          Gayle's motto is,

Just say yes & we'll do the rest


We specialize in Staging for Occupied homes, but we also Stage Vacant homes, as well.   We do hands-on Decluttering, and Depersonalizing, which includes wrapping and packing.  Which gives you a head start in moving.  We also give suggestions about Décor Touch-ups.  Things like a quick coat of paint,

 Please see our "Process" on the Home Staging page. We also offer Staging for Vacant properties. We can bring in and install a variety of furniture and accessories to create a warm, environment, that welcomes Buyer's to the property. This type of environment encourages Buyer's to feel comfortable and "At Home" in your house, so that they'll make an offer!


We also offer Organizing Services for your closets, garage, kitchen, office, or wherever you need assistance.  We can come into your home or office and help you get organized.

Three Reasons Why a Clients Hire 

Professional Organizers

1. They don’t know how to get organized or where to start. 

2. They don’t have the time to do it on their own.

3. They don’t want to do it themselves at all.

Our Story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention?  Well, necessity definitely gave birth to Enhance Your Home, LLC.  It all started in San Antonio, TX.  where Gayle Novak, (our Owner & Founder), had purchased a house and was settling into her new job.  Then suddenly, the company informed her that in six months, she was going to be transferred out of state.   Ahh!  This meant she only had six months to sell her house or get stuck with two mortgages!  Being proactive, Gayle sought a solution to this problem and discovered Home Staging.  She could see that Staging could help sell her home faster, and for more money.   But, there was no "Staging Company" in her area.  So, she quickly took a course, earned a CSS and a CRS, and then Staged her own home!  She sold the house in less then one month, AND a large profit!  Gayle could clearly see that Staging worked for her, and that it could work for others.  So, she started Staging homes professionally.  She wanted to help other 

people sell their homes, faster and for more money too.  So, Gayle created Enhance Your Home, LLC, in 2007, first in San Antonio, than in Chicago, IL.  Through  Staging, Gayle has successfully helped, well over 200 Homeowners sell their homes.  This equates to millions of dollars in sales, and, a lot of happy Homeowners and Realtors too!

The bottom line means absolute confidence that

Enhance Your Home

will Stage, Organize, Unpack your home,

or Design Your Closet

"The right way, The first time. 

And, for the right price"

Our Pledge to you:

We treat our clients better than family.

We listen carefully, to understand your needs.

We give your project 110%, attention & energy.

We give our clients excellent service!



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